Fault Finding

From time to time we all know that electronic equipment can go faulty. Fire & Audio Solutions have built an unrivalled knowledge base of fire and audio equipment. Therefore, when the inevitable faults occur we are in a prime position to rectify them, ensuring your building is fully protected and your insurance company is satisfied.

Public Address and Audio systems

Although Public address systems are often not considered necessary, they do play an important role in the day to day operation of a company or institution. Whether it’s playing music to keep up moral or contacting a staff member on the shop floor, audio systems definitely have a place. On occasion audio systems can become faulty, picking up unwanted noise on speaker lines, distorted audio and even not functioning altogether. At Fire & Audio Solutions we have the ability to rectify any issues your audio systems encounter restoring sound quality and functionality.

Induction Loops

Many audio frequency induction loop systems (AFILS) are installed and forgotten, as most of us will never require their assistance. However, when a hearing impaired person requires the assistance of your induction loop system, and that system fails to operate correctly, this could potentially be very distressing.

Fire & Audio Solutions have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your induction loop systems work for your customers and employees. If you are unsure of whether or not your induction loops are functioning, we can carry out live signal listening tests, field strength and frequency response testing. Using our findings we will re calibrate your induction loop to peak performance.