Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a standard fixture in all commercial and high occupancy residential buildings. Emergency lights are increasingly powered by self-contained back-up battery packs that switch the light on when a building experiences mains power loss. In earlier emergency lighting systems, rather than self-contained battery packs the systems were backed-up using central battery systems. These systems tend to be very large containing a number of lead acid batteries and are still commonly found in many buildings.

At Fire & Audio Solutions we have experience working with all types of emergency lighting including older central battery powered systems and the newer LED style emergency lights. We offer complete emergency lighting solutions, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. For central battery systems we can offer fault finding, repair and a full system clean up. This includes stripping the lead acid batteries, cleaning, greasing and topping up the electrolyte. With regular maintenance there is no reason central battery systems can’t last for years to come.