Voice Alarms (VEPA or PA/VA)

Voice alarm or voice evacuation public address systems are typically used as a fire alarm output, replacing sounders with spoken messages. Voice alarms have many different applications, from simple talking sounders to large multi zone VA systems.

Fire & Audio Solutions can provide a comprehensive voice alarm service, we have experience with most major manufacturers of voice evacuation equipment. If your building/site has or requires a voice alarm system then you will require a specialist in this field. At Fire & Audio solutions we pride ourselves on our ability to design, install, service and maintain a range of voice evacuation systems from single zone systems to major complexes and arenas.

Public Address Systems

Public address systems are an important tool for many buildings and sites. Communication is key for any business or institution therefore clear uninterrupted broadcasts can be invaluble.

Public address systems are sound amplification and distribution systems, in their basic form consisting of a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers. Some systems also have a mixer router offering sound distribution throughout a building, site or venue.

Fire & Audio Solution provide complete solutions for public address systems. From design through to commissioning and on to any maintenance they require. We are also capable of fault finding and the repair of existing systems.

Why Choose a Voice Alarm System?

Research has found that people will react with less panic and confusion if they hear clear instructions from a voice alarm system. This makes voice alarm systems the preferred choice in large buildings and complexes.

Often in buildings or complexes with phased evacuation, electronic sounders are used. With an intermittent sound for alert and a constant tone for evacuation. This can cause confusion especially for visitors to the site. Using a voice alarm system for phased evacuation is far more desirable, having clear, easily understood messages even untrained visitors can understand the procedure. Ensuring an efficient and quick evacuation panel and analysing for signs of smoke (some can detect combustible particles).

This allows aspirating fire detection systems to detect signs of a fire much quicker than ordinary smoke detectors. Early detection of a fire or potential fire is extremely important, faster detection saves lives.

Fire & Audio Solutions have years of experience maintaining aspirating fire detection equipment and understand the importance of these systems. If you have an aspirating fire/smoke detection system or require one, we can ensure yours is correctly installed and maintained to the highest standard.