Terms & Conditions

“Company” Fire & Audio Solutions Limited, St Stephen House, 11 St Stephen Crescent, Burnley, BB11 3HS

“Conditions” these standard trading conditions;

“Customer” any Person at whose request or on whose behalf the Company undertakes any business or provides advice,information or services (and “Customers” shall have the corresponding meaning);

Services’ shall mean the services which the Company agrees to supply to or to the order of the Customer.

“Goods” the parts or equipment to which any business under these Conditions relates;

“Person” natural person(s) or any body or bodies corporate;

“Owner” the Owner of the Goods and any other Person who is or may become interested in them.

1. Introduction
All business undertaken by the Company is transacted subject to these conditions each of which shall be deemed to be incorporated in and to be a condition of any agreement between the Company and its Customers. No agent servant or employee of the Company has the Company’s authority to alter or vary these conditions.

2. Customer’s Authority
Customers entering into transactions with the Company expressly warrant that they are authorised to accept and are accepting these conditions not only for themselves but also as agents for and on behalf of all other persons who are or may become interested in the Company’s goods or products whether in whole or part.

3. Withdrawal or Alteration of Quotations
All quotations are subject to withdrawal or alteration in whole or part by the Company at any time until the customers acceptance of or orders given upon them have been subsequently confirmed by the Company in writing.

4. Company’s Agents and Suppliers
Any orders instructions and requests placed with or given to the Company may be in the absolute discretion of the Company be complied with by the Company itself by its own servants or agents or by the Company employing or instructing or entrusting others for whatever purpose on such conditions as such others may stipulate to perform part or all of such functions including the carriage or transportation of part or all of the goods or products whether complete or not and the customer agrees for himself his servants agents or nominees that any such conditions shall be binding upon him as if the customer had given direct instructions to or placed the order with any person as the Company may employ in transactions undertaken by the Company on behalf of its customer.

5. Price Variation
All prices quoted by the Company may be varied by it at any time to correspond with any variation in the prices or costs of materials which may occur at any time before delivery of the order to the customer is completed.

6. Customer Specifications
The customer shall supply details of specifications in reasonable time to enable the Company to complete and deliver the goods within the specified period.

7. Payment
Unless otherwise stated in writing or electronicly by the Company, all accounts are strictly net and the Customer shall pay by cash or by approved cheque or other methods accepted by the Company for any Goods or Services supplied within thirty days from the date of invoice thereof. Should prompt payment not be made the Company reserves the right to charge the Customer interest on all overdue monies at 2% per annum over The Bank of England Base Rate from time to time, until payment in full is made. The Company reserves the right to recover from the customer all legal and other costs and expenses incurred by the Company in respect of any action taken to recover monies due on such overdue accounts.

8. Customer Claims or Counterclaims
A claim or counterclaim by the customer against the Company in respect of one particular transaction shall not be made the reason for deferring payment or withholding payment of monies payable or liabilities incurred to the Company in respect of any other transaction.

9. Extent of Conditions
The foregoing terms and conditions supersede and exclude all general or special terms or conditions imposed or sought to be imposed by the customer at any time in relation to the contract.